Plans, plans, plans!

It’s that time of the year again: where you look back at the past year and wonder where it went and at the same time wonder what the new year will bring. And honestly, what better way to start a new blog than to look back – and forward at the same time?


My critique partner Alia recently posed the question what the rest of our writing group have planned for the next year, and so I started thinking and then began to put together a neat little list. Because I love lists. They’re especially awesome if you can scratch stuff off them because you got it done. 


So here are all the “things I aspire to get done in 2019 despite the fulltime job™”:


– Get more of my trilogy written down. It’s all mapped out by now, so at least one chapter per month shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish, even around the day job, right? Right! I just need to kick my lazy arse. (I’m aware one chapter per month isn’t all that realistic. But I’m still setting it as a goal, since I work better with deadlines.)


– Finish and put out at least three of the trilogy-related novellas I have plotted out so far – one per quarter would be even better (and more balanced to my OCD mind). Likely candidates are currently: “The Sacrificial Knight” (which may get renamed since he isn’t the main character and there are no actual knights in my world… on the other hand, I like the title, so we’ll see), “Wishmaker”, “The Archivist’s Adventure”, the yet un-named prequel to “Mer Wraith”, and/or… see the next point! 


– Rewrite “Children of the Old Gods” and take out what Amazon deems explicit sex, so they’ll let it out of the erotica dungeon and restore its rightful place in the Sword and Sorcery section. While I’m at it, I will likely throw in a few other things I’m planning for the two stories that will follow it, so part one will tie in better with the rest of the plot and “The Sacrificial Knight” (which, in turn, ties directly into this series). Ideally, I’ll get at least the second story in the “Children” series written and published. (End goal for this series would be: all three stories out and then potentially a collection of them that I’ll put in print as well, which could carry the related “Sacrificial Knight” as well.) This might actually be the easiest of my goals to accomplish and can be a good starting point to convince myself that I can get shit done keep myself motivated.


– Also: rework my blurbs. They’re woefully neglected, the poor things…


– Write down at least a few the numerous blog topics I have lined up. Yes, I know, blogs are dead and everyone and their dog already did one, but I need to communicate somehow, right? And I’m not the kind for the more popular Youtube. (Except maybe audio only with an animated avatar, but honestly, editing videos takes so much frickin time… I’d never get around to doing that consistently.) So far I have at least 20 topics collected that center around character development, storytelling, and worldbuilding. I just need to write them down… easy, right? Right. *groans*


– Make a whole lot of cover-mockups and premade covers and put them in a portfolio, to give potential cover design customers something to shop from.


– Draw more and turn all the otherworldly images in my head into illustrations. (I blame this on Alia as well, who triggered my dormant fondness for art with her gorgeous portraits.) 


– And finally: Build up a mailing list. So far I haven’t looked in that direction at all, since my published output is minimal and doesn’t justify paid promotion yet – that stuff will be there once I start thinking about putting the trilogy out, as a fall-back cushion for any readers who want more stuff set in that same world. But I do need to think about it eventually, even when it takes a backseat to the actual writing.


So, what are your writing-related plans for the upcoming year? Mine do feel a bit like an overwhelming mountain, depending on which time of the day I look at them. But the beauty of lists is: they’re not one single think you either make or break. Sure, it would be awesome if you would reach all of your goals. But you’re even winning if you just scratch a few of them off your list.



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